About AppleHills

An an integrated child development center which provides preschool education, primary healthcare and nutrition support, and referral services to children under 6 years of age and their mothers. The objective of the center is to address development needs of young children, pregnant and nursing mothers. 

Characteristics of AppleHills

What differentiate us?

Child-centric approach for the overall development of the child


A structured technique and revolutionary assessment technique


Best value for time and money ensuring there is no disconnect


Package of Services

Education (pre school program) 

Pre school program ensures setting comprehensive learning objectives having a structured way to achieve them considering that every child is unique. The four major components that are instrumental in shaping the learning of the child in school are:

(1) the philosophy

(2) the curriculum and methodology

(3) the learning tools offered to the child

(4) the teachers who facilitate learning

We tightly integrate these four components in a way that will have the most beneficial impact on development of the child. 

Learning Modes: 

We believe preschool education should give as much exposure as possible to the child in all areas of development. Hence, activities have been designed keeping approximate stimulus to the child ensuring "directional" play all the time. It involves: 

- individual learning with materials and through thematic approach

- small group activities in art, language and gross motor skills

- occasional support learning through role plays, presentations, story-telling, reading, field trips, cultural celebrations.

We believe the child's home environment plays a very important role in early learning and shaping the child's personality. Keeping this in mind, we have several parent sessions that can ensure that the school and home together foster the child's development.  


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