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The primary aim of the SolutionNlab is to support ideas, people and organizations in transforming their vision into reality through excellence in knowledge and skills and helping to design and deliver solutions for long-term and sustainable social impact.  The strategic objectives of the SolutionNlab is to: 

(a) Provide business to business consultancy to design, develop and scale up the integrated, innovative and sustainable solutions in health and development sector for citizen wellbeing.

(b) Up-skill organizations, communities and individuals to plan, develop, evaluate, implement and continuously improve their interventions and services contributing to Universal Health Coverage and Sustainable Development Goals.


Types of Consulting Services

Policy and Patient Advocacy


Healthsystem Research and Program Evaluation


Community-based Intervention


Strategic CSR and Sustainable Development Goals


Patient Access Solution


Business Development & Fund raising


Upcoming Certificate Programs


What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?

The program will focus on understanding the fundamentals of CSR. The participants will get a chance to hear from practicing local and international companies on why and how they adopted CSR and their journey from there. This program will also provide ample opportunity for companies, civil society organisations and other stakeholders to network, learn and share experiences.


How Business can engage with SDGs while driving Business Growth?  

This program is designed to foster knowledge and skills as to how businesses can engage within the Sustainable Development Goals framework; driving business growth and productivity, whilst contributing to the better world as envisaged by UN's 2030 agenda for sustainable development. 


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Brochure_Certificate program_Business and SDG (pdf)


Fee Structure

*Travel expenses will be charged on actual.

Projects Completed

Patient Engagement and SDGs : A Perspective from India Experience

India has taken the major transformation reforms and initiatives addressing barriers to universal health care, ensuring healthy lives and well-being for all citizens at all ages (Sustainable Development Goal ‘SDG’-3), post-2015. With the growing investment and development in healthcare in India, the most important barriers requiring constant attention are (i) persistence of stigma, discrimination and societal obstacles associated with the health condition (ii) access to the right information and (iii) timely standard of care. Thus, emphasis on patient-driven policies and programs besides systemic interventions, and healthcare ecosystem partnership is a looked-for social impact. India has adopted patient engagement as one of the tested and validated strategies to achieve the triple aim for value-based health care (better health and better patient care at lower costs), a path towards SDG 3. However, India needs to strengthen the healthcare ecosystem for effective implementation of the patient engagement strategy aiming survival and quality of life. Above and beyond, culture and system of transparency and collaboration need to be improved for ‘buy-in' of citizens.

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